Hello there! My name is Kitty. I'm a miniature artist from Upstate New York. I work mainly in polymer clay but use other mediums if I have the need. This blog is a collection of photographs and information on a "Hannibal" themed miniature room setup I have planned. I'll be putting together a replica of Hannibal Lecter's dining room and kitchen. If you're interested, please follow! If you have any questions, make sure to ask. I'd love to hear some feedback and/or suggestions!


I think I’m the only one who wants Hannibal to get rid of his Mexican gardener just so he can know the joys of a taco Tuesday.

Season three, episode two is Jack trying to figure out who stabbed him because there’s no way Hannibal Lecter is a killer.

Anonymous asked
1) favourite piece of artwork that you've done? 2) Name one artistic influence? 3) did you have a nice day?

1) My favorite piece of artwork that I’ve done is actually a barrette. I wanted something with a triple moon goddess and couldn’t find anything that I liked, so I made one. :)

2) This is going to sound really silly but I used to watch a lot of Bob Ross growing up. He lets you know that mistakes can be beautiful and nothing is impossible.

3) It was good. I’ve been having a rough week and today kind of worked out.

Thank you, anon! You’re lovely!